Frequent Questions People Ask the Listers

  • Q How often are reappraisals done?
  • A
    Approximately every ten years, unless real estate values are changing rapidly.

  • Q How do I appeal an assessment or reappraisal?
  • A
    First, contact the listers. You will be able to discuss your situation on the phone, and/or make an appointment to meet with them. They will be happy to explain how the value for your property was derived, and answer other questions you may have.

    (NOTE: The town clerk sets dates and times for a meeting of the BCA and/or Board of Abatement. The listers handle grievances and set times for meetings regarding grievances.)

  • Q Is there a date and time when grievances are held?
  • A
    While anyone can "grieve" at any time, there has to be an official "cut-off" date or the Grand List would never be printed. The listers set the date and it is warned in the newspaper, town office, and post office. The reason for the grievance should be submitted to the listers in writing. Any owner not satisfied with the listers' decision can then meet with the Board of Civil Authority (BCA). This is accomplished by submitting a letter to the town clerk asking for a BCA hearing. She will set the date and time for the BCA hearing.

  • Q When do I notify the listers of a change of address?
  • A
    Anytime your address changes.

  • Q Who do I contact if I have questions about my property?
  • A
    Contact the listers with questions about your assessment card. That card contains the record of ownership transfer, some locally issued permits, and some other information. The listers can assist you with understanding the data on the property assessment card, explain how assessments work, acreage, and buildings affected.

  • Q Who do I contact with questions about my property tax bill?
  • A
    Call the Treasurer directly at (802) 442-4038 ext. 2. He is responsible for printing and mailing the tax bills and records payments and late penalties. He also forwards the list of delinquent taxpayers to the Delinquent Taxpayer Collector.

  • Q Who do I contact regarding questions about appraisals and reappraisals?
  • A
    The listers.

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