Planning Commission

Name PhoneTerm Ends
Chris Williams - Chair(802) 375-63553 year term exp. in 2017
Mike Foley 3 year term exp. in 2019
Michael Cichanowski 3 year term exp. in 2020

Planning Commission

A planning commission may have not less than three nor more than nine voting members. There are currently 5 members on the planning commission in Shaftsbury. The planning commissioners are appointed by the selectboard.

The following are the powers and duties of planning commissions in the State of Vermont. Any planning commission created under 24 V.S.A. Chapter 117, may:
  • Prepare a municipal plan and amendments thereof for consideration by the selectboard, and review amendments thereof initiated by others as set forth in 24 V.S.A. Chapter 117 subchapter 5.
  • Prepare and present to the legislative body proposed bylaws and make recommendations to the selectboard on proposed amendments to such bylaws.
  • Undertake studies and make recommendations on matters of land development, urban renewal, transportation, economic and social development, urban beautification and design improvements, historic and scenic preservation, the conservation of energy, the development of renewable energy resources, and wetland protection.
  • Prepare and present to the selectboard recommended building, plumbing, fire, electrical, housing, and related codes and enforcement procedures, and construction specifications for streets and related public improvements.
  • Prepare and present a recommended capital budget and program for a period of five years for action by the selectboard.
  • Hold public meetings.
  • Require from other departments and agencies of the municipality such available information as relates to the work of the planning commission.
  • Enter upon land to make examinations and surveys in the performance of its functions.
  • Participate in a regional planning program.
  • Retain staff and consultant assistance in carrying out its duties and powers.
  • Undertake comprehensive planning, including related preliminary planning and engineering studies.
  • Perform such other acts or functions necessary or appropriate to fulfill the intent and purposes of 24 V.S.A. Chapter 117.

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